DARE to Change, Developing your Innovation Talent

by: Jamie Justice

DARE to Change: Developing you innovation talent: Justice, Mr. James: 9781512301397: Amazon.com: Books

We all can feel it. Things are changing more and more rapidly. Changes in our personal and professional lives bring new challenges and opportunities to us and the organizations where we work and learn. 

The skills, systems, and structures of yesterday don’t meet the needs of today. Tomorrow we will need to adapt to even newer ways of thinking and working. To respond to these changes, we can’t use what’s worked for us before. 

We must discover new ways to think about the work we do and the way we live. In short, we must become more innovative. 

This book teaches you the DARE to Change method, a simple and effective way for people to not just respond to rapidly changing environments, but to create that a future in which we can thrive, not just survive. By learning, implementing, and practicing DARE to Change, you and your organization will develop a greater capacity to create not just new concepts or products, but also exciting new paradigms of thinking and being. 
We call the practitioners of DARE to Change Envisioneers. 
Envisioneering is a process of developing the innovation capacity for creating new concepts to generate a renewed focus and an application of problem-solving skills to specifically target challenges of all types. Envisioneering procedures chunk down challenges. By developing a new cadre of innovators, challenges can be solved in new ways.

Additionally, the focus of DARE to Change is to reinvigorate the innovator in all Americans and provide opportunities to redesign our culture to again grow our society. Envisioneers maintain and cultivate the ability to apply innovation principles and system understanding to generate forward-thinking solutions to challenges. 

Innovation can be learned! The first and most important step toward becoming an innovator is simply not being afraid to try. This book provides a simple process to begin developing new ideas and changes through a model called, “DARE to Change.” 

Change begins with the individual, the one who is not afraid to try and the one who is not afraid to fail. DARE to Change is a means to help develop your innovative ideas into a breakaway change or transformation. DARE to Change!!!!!!