Exploring the XR Knowledge Metaverse Podcasts with Jamie Justice and Jon Greene

Jamie Justice and Jon Greene have embarked on a new discussion series focused on creating an XR Knowledge Metaverse. In this series, they will focus on applications of XR, extended reality, creating merged XR and spatial meeting learning experiences, tips and tricks for content creation and they examine pedagogical ideas and approaches for creating new … Read more

A Systems Thinking Approach for XR Integration

EON-XR Global User Workshop – EON Reality As a valued EON-XR user, we want to make sure you’re getting everything that you can out of our prized platform. That’s why we’ve created free monthly EON-XR workshops entirely for your benefit, with the next one taking place on March 31. In all of these events, one … Read more

thinkfuture with kalaboukis Podcast

Hi Everyone, Had a great time chatting with Chris Kalaboukis a few weeks back on the thinkfuture with kalaboukis Podcast. Hope you will join our conversation: 348 Innovating And Talent Development with Jamie Justice @ Eon Reality 348 Innovating And Talent Development with Jamie Justice @ Eon Reality – YouTube


Envisioned Learning Solutions was created out of a love and enthusiasm for trying new and different things over my lifetime and career. Hello, my name is Jamie Justice. I have had the good fortune to be a part of many different experiences in education, government, and business over the last 35 years. I have been … Read more