The Different Thinking Exchange

Change and Innovation begins with asking lots of questions.

Have you ever wondered about where new ideas come from? Have you ever been challenged to come up with a new solution to a problem in your classroom, workplace, or personal life? The Different Thinking Exchange is dedicated to empowering education providers, companies, or individuals with a unique process for initiating change and innovation, or different thinking, about common challenges. The programs and services offered, utilize tried and tested methodologies for creative problem solving, idea generation and change management.

Envisioned Learning Solutions, aka, Jamie Justice, is offering consulting services, planned Innovation ThinkShops, and other resources to enable our clients to find unique, different, and original approaches to solve common problems in education or industry. The solutions identified are those of the participants, based on your own findings and experiences, not an imposed process of canned solutions. We want to help you think differently about challenges your organization faces and to enable you to create solutions that change things for the better.

Innovation Minutes